You just can’t go wrong when your choice is a Kia.

Reliability is at the top of everyone’s list when shopping for a new vehicle. We get it. Once you purchase a vehicle, you want it to last. After all, the price, features, and incentives on a car don’t feel as exciting if you anticipate replacing it in a year or two.

When the South Korea car manufacturer, Kia, entered the scene around 20 years ago, consumers were immediately excited at the reliability of their cars. Apparently it’s not enough to just be an affordable, powerful, and stylish brand--Kia prides itself on featuring long lasting in its growing list of descriptors.

Let’s take a look at the awesome features that make Kia cars such a solid long-term investment:

It’s Impossible to Beat a Kia Warranty

Kia clearly stands by each and every vehicle produced. While many car manufacturer warranties span three years (or 36,000 miles), Kia blows this warranty standard out of the water. Kia’s standard warranty starts at five years (or 60,000 miles). Beyond that, Kia has an extended powertrain warranty lasting 10 years (or 100,000 miles).

New Kia Cars Feature Unparalleled Quality

Kia starts from the ground up, selecting quality parts to support dependable innovation. J.D. Power recognizes the improvements Kia has made over the last 20 years. Kia is listed among the highest-ranking brands — right between Lexus and Toyota. In fact, J.D. Power has awarded Kia the “#1 Brand in Initial Quality” six years in a row.

Fewer Repairs = Savings!

Kia has often been compared with Toyota, a trusted leader for decades. And it’s no wonder. Both Kia and Toyota received a score of 4 out of 5 by RepairPal. Kia models are not seen at the mechanic often, other than regularly scheduled maintenance. This data is comprehensive too: RepairPal compiled extensive driver-submitted information about the cost of unexpected repairs to score Kia against all other car manufacturers.

New or Used, Kia Cars are Long Lasting

Again, Kia rates up there with trusted brands like Honda and Toyota on lasting a long time. Kia is now found listed among car manufacturers with vehicles lasting more than 250,000 miles. Being mindful of the recommended maintenance and service schedule for your vehicle goes a long way in extending its life and keeping it at top performance. In particular, Kia’s recommendations with the understanding that you’ll be able to reliably drive your car at 300,000+ miles without feeling any noticeable decrease in how it performs.

While shopping for your next vehicle, remember that Kia is at the top of the class in every ‘reliable’ metric!

If you want to experience all of the amazing choices that Kia offers firsthand, then Beyer Kia is here to help. We’re the premium new and used Kia dealer in Falls Church, Virginia. Our selection of new and certified pre-owned vehicles are sure to meet your needs. Schedule a test drive with our dealership today to discover everything that Kia has to offer.

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