Two Ways the 2017 KIA Sportage will Increase Safety

September 26th, 2017 by

Every time you get on the road, you are at risk of a collision. But there are ways that you can minimize the possibility, such as owning an expertly crafted and technologically advanced vehicle like the new 2017 KIA Sportage. Built for greater resilience and armed with smart tools, this SUV will help you mitigate accidents and stay safer on your travels.

Structurally Sound

Knowing that you are driving in a structurally sound model will give you peace of mind. That is why we are pleased to tell you that the 2017 KIA Sportage has an architecture like a fortress. Its Iso-Structure™ unibody has a durable chassis thanks to its composition of Advanced High-Strength Steel. Inside, there are airbags incorporated throughout to provide extra cushion too.

Technologically Proficient

As a means to support you when you drive, this SUV is even reinforced with passive safety features like Anti-Lock Brake System, Electronic Stability Control, and more. Coupled with available driver-assist technology like Lane-Change Assist, Blind-Spot Detection, and other ultra-modern tools, and your likelihood of enjoying a safer ride is also increased.

Get a Hands-On Experience

Want to know how else the 2017 KIA Sportage will protect you and your loved ones or just want to try it out with a test drive around Falls Church, Virginia? Then visit us at Beyer KIA Falls Church. We plenty of models in stock, so you just have to come on over to our dealership and pick the right one for you!

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