Royal News! Kia Telluride Receives ‘Triple Crown’ Accolades!

January 14th, 2020 by

The Kia Telluride made a splash the moment it came on the sport-utility vehicle scene, shielding its eyes from the paparazzi, linking arms with its supermodel girlfriend to sneak past the red ropes of the finest clubs in town. And I’ll tell you this much, I saw a new Telluride at the car wash the other day and I can’t explain the feeling that came over me, I wanted to meet it. Like I wanted to go up to the owner, shake his hand to congratulate him on his awesome vehicle choice, and ask completely bizarre things like “can I touch it” and “can I climb inside of the trunk”. Thankfully I didn’t, so I could write this today from my computer rather than scrawling it on a cardboard piece from a jail cell after harassing a stranger about going in their trunk, but there’s just something special about the Kia Telluride. Something people cannot get enough of. Something famous, something special. Something…worthy of crowning achievements perhaps?

Unsurprisingly, the illustrious Kia Telluride has landed the “triple crown” of vehicle awards for 2020, the “auto industry’s most prestigious accolades: 2020 North American Utility Vehicle of the Year from NACTOY, Motortrend SUV of the Year, and a Car and Driver 10 Best.

“Since early 2019, nearly 60,000 Tellurides have been sold and demand continues to outpace supply” which is fairly mind-blowing, considering how many vehicles are hot on the market and the variety of SUV’s from which to choose. Another impressive and unique quality of the Telluride is that it is the first Kia to be exported from the United States and it is assembled in the fine state of Georgia. So while Prince Henry and Meghan Markle make their royal way out of the UK in the coming days, the Telluride will continue to explode in popularity and fame here on U.S. soil wearing all three of its crowns proudly. Seems like we all know what car they should choose at Beyer Kia to cart Archie around between playdates and Whole Foods runs!

And though the Kia Telluride would certainly befit a Duke and Duchess, anyone can enjoy this royal ride! Come check it out today in Falls Church or Alexandria for a test drive, and definitely do this before you climb in a stranger’s trunk at the car wash out of curiosity. (I promise, you guys, it’ll happen when you see one all shiny and gleaming from the hot wax.)


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