Make Driving Fun this Holiday Season

December 12th, 2018 by

Whether taking a short road trip or traveling for several days; children tend to grow restless with all of their built up energy. And after hearing “Are we there yet?” for the twentieth time, it is best to be well prepared! This will make your trip more enjoyable and less stressful. Here are some kid-friendly activities for the upcoming Christmas Holiday.

1. Destination Map Fun

To give your children a mental image of how far you will be traveling, have them examine a roadmap of the area. They can also draw on their map using crayons or markers. Keeping an eye open every step of the way. But, kids under the age of 4 are better off taking catnaps during extended road trips. Allowing you some quiet time while driving.

2. The Counting Game

Another fun-filled activity for on the road is having your children look out the car window and count a specific item of your choosing. When traveling in an area rich in farmland; start by counting the number of cows or horses they spot. For driving down busy highways where animals are scarce, try counting vehicles of a certain color.

3. License Plate Learning Game

A fun game that also incorporates learning is the age-old tradition of the license plate game. I remember playing the license plate learning game. It is a great family oriented activity which occupies kids’ minds and helps them to learn the names of different states as well! All it takes is a simple notepad and something to write with. But, thanks to modern technology; there are now free printable license plate learning games.

4. The Memory Game

This road trip game helps to challenge your children’s memory. Choose a certain topic like flowers. Next, the first person to begin the game will name a flower such as “Tulip.” The second player repeats the original word along with a new one “Daisy.” Taking both words and saying them out loud “Tulip, Daisy.” It is a fun memory game which can be quite challenging as it progresses.

5. Backseat Car Cinema

Before starting on your holiday trip, download some educational programs on a laptop or IPad device. Setting it up so that the children can get a clear view from your vehicle’s backseat. Another great road trip idea is audiobooks, which everyone can listen together and enjoy.

These fun activities are just what you need when doing traveling this holiday season. All of which is guaranteed to put a smile upon their faces and give you a more enjoyable ride filled with peace. Then you can have a very Holly Jolly Christmas! For the perfect Holiday Driving experience, Head to Don Beyer Kia to get behind the wheel of a brand new Kia to make your holiday travels safe, comfortable, and full of the top in automotive technology!

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