Kia Soul: Your Favorite Friend

September 26th, 2019 by

The Kia Soul has just about reached cult favorite status since its release in 2009, and upon the redesign of the third generation model, it is only becoming more popular, more practical, more fancy, and more fun for those who sign onto this sweet little gem of a driving experience.

The Kia Soul is the most likable, but also most breezily cool, pal in the friend group. What’s not to love? Kia Soul listens attentively after a rough day and perks you up. Everyone wants to sit next to Kia Soul at lunch. Just got dumped? Kia Soul is on your doorstep with ice cream and a copy of Eternal Sunshine. If your favorite friend was a car, we’re pretty sure it’d be a Kia Soul.

And when you make masterful playlist mashups for everything from daily rides around town to the day of your wedding; date night; the first (and last) day of school; that epic road trip planned for 2020 from Falls Church to Portland, ME (with, duh, stops to visit your college roommate in Brooklyn even if you’re relegated to sleep in the broom closet), Kia Soul is there, ready to sync up, charge up, and pump up your gear with technological ease for you while your friend arm-dances to I BELIEVE IN A THING CALLED LO-OOVE in the passenger seat, because the Soul was just awarded J.D. Power’s Best Multimedia Quality among Compact Vehicles. And when you’re sick of your buddy’s taste in music? Podcasts. Jackpot.

“The all-new Soul delivers unmatched style, peppy performance, thrilling technology, and urban practicality.” (Wait, can I DATE the Kia Soul? Just kidding. Sort of.) Senior Director of Automotive Quality Practice at J.D. Power says “in the compact segment, no vehicle demonstrates high level of multilevel media quality better than the Kia Soul.”

Included in the new 2020 Soul, the technology offerings are not only easy to use, they have Android Audio and Apple CarPlay (pick your poison!), Bluetooth Multi-Connection, an HD color touch-screen with split-screen functionality, and – wait for it – INTERIOR MOOD LIGHTING. Too cool. And let’s not forget there’s a 640-watt audio system which is twice the wattage of the previous model. Truly unbelievable bang for your buck.

So now, not only is Kia Soul the best friend in the group. He’s also picking everyone up.