Kia Introduces Rear Occupant Alert System to Protect its Littlest Passengers

September 26th, 2019 by

Funny writing is mostly suspended for this piece while we take a moment to address a serious issue, particularly for parents and caregivers: the widely-covered tragedies of children being left in the backs of hot vehicles, with often grave consequences and devastated families. Kia seeks to curtail this harrowing problem with the advent of their ROA (Rear Occupant Alert) system.

It is “designed to prevent future tragedies” and the following article provides a video demonstration of how this feature works to protect your children from harm. This system has both second and third row sensors, as well as a three-sensor system to ensure no one is left in the car after it’s locked up.

When it comes to our most precious cargo, our children are of paramount consideration, particularly for most Kia SUV drivers who select their Kia vehicles for the safety and space for their littlest passengers. This feature comes standard on the exciting new Telluride, and we feel certain Kia will begin implementing it in all vehicles over time. This way, as you pile everyone in from daycare in Falls Church to scooping your mother in law at Dulles (delay from La Guardia, shocker!), then after work, off to soccer practice in Fairfax and, naturally, stopping at the “good Starbucks” in Falls Church again before heading home, you’ll be sure everyone is where they’re supposed to be and can beep-beep your locks and close the garage door in peace for a cozy evening after your busy and extremely safe family day on the move.

(Get some rest, you start again bright and early tomorrow!)