Is Your Kia Ready for the Cold Weather?


Winter is coming. 


Granted, it might not be here for a little while, but it’s never too early to start thinking about winterizing your car. Thankfully, driving around Falls Church – or Virginia in general–means that you probably won’t be dealing with any apocalyptic blizzards, but it never hurts to be prepared. After all, new Kia cars are incredibly robust machines, and taking care of yours is the best way to ensure that it continues taking care of you. 


To that end, here’s a handy list to follow to make sure that your Kia is ready for winter driving!


Check Your Fluids

There are quite a few fluid systems that you want to check, so it can be time-efficient to just check them all at once. Start by making sure that your coolant fluid is filled to the appropriate degree by picking up a tester kit from your Kia dealership. From there, you’ll also want to check your oil as well so that you have time to schedule any last-minute changes before the end of autumn.


Finally, it doesn’t hurt to top off your Kia’s windshield wiper fluid either; it’s incredibly valuable in preventing snow and slush from blocking your vision if you get caught driving in rough weather. 


Think About Your Tires

Ahead of any snowfall, make sure to check your tire’s tread indicators to ensure that they’re in good condition. These indicators are little rubber lines that are etched into your tire’s grooves in order to check if they’re wearing down consistently. It’s normal to see some wear on these lines, but pay careful attention to make sure that they’re wearing down evenly. If they show uneven wear–or are completely worn down–then you should bring your car into the service center. 


As uneven wear is a sign of larger mechanical issues, you’ll want to nip any problems in the bud before the roads get icy. 


Test Your Lights

Headlights and tail lights are one of those car systems that most drivers don’t think about until something is actively going wrong. When it comes to winter driving, however, you really don’t want to learn about any new maintenance considerations when you’re behind the wheel on a slippery road. 


Save yourself some headaches (and danger) by checking your headlights and taillights when you check your tires and fluids. Doing this is pretty straightforward–just turn everything on–light-by-light and walk a couple of careful laps around your car to ensure that everything is shining correctly. Cold weather can accelerate the wear on headlights, so make sure that you’ll be able to see properly when driving at night! 

Don’t Forget Your Battery

Although the snow in Falls Church can be pretty tame, the temperature is a different story. Exposure to extreme cold can negatively impact your Kia’s battery, and you really don’t want any unpleasant surprises when you’re expecting your car to start. Check the installation date on your Kia’s battery. If it’s within the last 3 years (or you purchased a new Kia within the last 3 years), then you should be safe. Otherwise, it never hurts to bring your car into the Kia dealership service center for a quick battery test. 


If you have any difficulty starting your car, make sure to get your battery tested immediately–especially if you’ve been parking it outside. Dying car batteries are not a problem that gets better by ignoring it. 


If your new Kia needs service to get it ready for winter driving in Falls Church, then visit Beyer Kia today! Our full-service Kia dealership has everything you need to get your Kia on the road–and keep it there! There’s a reason why we’re the premier Kia service center for Falls Church: our certified technicians know Kia cars better than anyone else in Virginia!


Beyond that, our selection of new and certified pre-owned vehicles has plenty of options if you’re thinking about upgrading to a 2022 new Kia model. Visit our dealership today to discover everything Kia has to offer. 

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